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VA Second Mortgages?

Is it Possible?

Sorry, no.

The VA Home loan only provides for 1st Mortgages. You can, however, use your VA Benefit to pay off another loan or loans as long as the new VA loan is the only loan left standing

What about putting a 2nd Loan behind a VA Loan?

Yes, that you can do.

There are several options. If you already have a home with a VA loan on it, the VA places no restrictions on pulling out additional cash using any existing equity you have in your home. If you can find a lender to lend you a second mortgage, the VA first loan will remain without any changes.

Next, if you are purchasing a new home and want to use the VA for a 1st mortgage, and have a lender or seller willing to make a 2nd loan to you behind the VA 1st, that is OK too. The VA does have some restrictions on how high the new 2nd mortgage can be and you have to qualify for both payments. These combinations are too complicated to go into here, but feel free to call (800) 246-8709 and we would be happy to discuss this with you. As always, there is no obligation, and your phone call is free.


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